Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Getting back on track efter quitting your birthcontrol pill

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  • Did you just put two and two together? 
  • Did you just realize that every little thing related to your diminishing health could be directly related to the contraceptive you are taking? 
  • Are you doubting that it could even be true when no one told you it could happen prior to even starting to take it?
You are not alone! Seriously - there are thousands of women out there who have been there and many more to come.

We are told by the medical society that we are simply emotional or are suffering from anxiety... or that we just need to relax. The blame is on us... all us. And for a long time we believe them, because we don't know what to believe. We find answers to our issues in life situations, family history, or other events... but never do we look at what we put in our bodies every day.

What that every-day pill does to our health is astronomical when you think about that we only have one body and soul. A body that is, in nature, capable to self-healing but with the constant feeding of synthetic hormones and sometimes bad food the body cannot heal but must constantly fight. And slowly by slowly it will loose every battle - until you give it the chance to breath and a chance to do its job. 

Your body will not start to heal until you have taken your last pill.
  • When your body starts to heal you might feel worse that when you were "sick". This is when many start to question if it really was the pill after all, so don't let it trick you. Your body needs to get rid of all that toxins that it has stored and that can be painful.
  • Then you will start to feel better... A feeling of great relief! It might only be a tap better than "feeling horrible", but you start to see the light...  and every day gets better and better, little by little. 
  • Then, as you think you are getting better, you get what many refers to as a "relapse". Something that makes you feel you are back at square one and your sufferings and pain is back... What is this really? A "relapse" is not really you falling back into a previous state of your healing, instead it is your body going into the SECOND layer of healing. If you look at your body as an onion with its multiple layers: The body can only focus on one layer at a time and not until that first layer is peeled off and have been healed your body can move on to the next, which usually (not always) releases a new set of toxins, making you feel "sick" again. - Don't give up - Celebrate! You have just completed the worst phase in your healing cycle!    
  • Then you are back at feeling better... and on it goes with ups and downs as your body's healing process goes through the multiple layers of the onion (your body). So take it for what it is, you cannot heal over a night as it has taken months or maybe years for your body to get to the state it was in before you stopped the damaging synthetic contraceptive. 
Healing One-on-One
If someone would have told me this before I started my healing process I still wouldn't have listened because when we are sick we only care about the small rewards that brings us quick satisfaction instead of looking at the future and the big picture... So if you follow your own way I will not get angry, everyone has to do what they feel is best for them but here are a few bullets of what finally made a difference in my healing. I build this list based on the strong belief that food has the POWER to heal us as well as it has the power to destroy us and I am a living proof of it: 

  • Eat ORGANIC (follow the "Dirty Dozen" if you don't want to buy organic for everything) to avoid added chemicals, toxins, and pesticides that will slow down your healing process
  • Stay away from CORN products if they are not organic - they are 99% genetically modified (GMO) and will therefore contain pesticides like Round-up. Watch the documentary "The World According to Monsanto" on YouTube to better understand this dilemma.   
  • SOY is NOT intended to be eaten by humans! Not in any form.. milk, formula, cheese, tofu, oils etc. Soy produces estrogen in your body and as a recovering birth control user you sure do NOT need any extra of that! (Read your labels - soy is in A LOT of foods for fillers, especially in processed food)  
  • Meat should be from grass fed, hormone free, and antibiotic free cows
  • Fish should be wild caught 
  • Chickens should be organic, antibiotic, and hormone free
  • Stay away from vegetable oils (this includes margarine) except for organic olive oil (but don't heat it up). Instead eat as much as you want of real butter and coconut oil.
  • Have Protein with every meal (even breakfast) like eggs - eat the whole thing not just the whites. 
  • Stay away from SUGAR - research have shown that sugar is linked to lower immune system, increase the risk for cancer, and sugar also makes the mineral balance in your body unstable which results in you not being able to absorb the nutrients from the food you are eating properly. 
  • WHEAT - please find an alternative... if you can't live without bread - eat Esikel sprouted bread; if you can't live without pasta - eat Brown rice or Quinoa Pasta - or my new favorite: Spaghetti Squash!
  • WATER - Drink half of your body weight (lbs) in ounces every day - dehydration can be the cause of many of your symptoms. (150 lbs = 75 oz; 200 lbs = 100oz). Compensate if you drink anything diuretic (sugary beverage, fruit juice, coffee, tea) with 1.5 times of water. (you drink 8 oz of coffee - drink 8x1.5=12oz water)
  • EAT FRUIT FRESH- (don't drink it or dry it) Fresh fruit can do wonders, try to get a few in a day. Eat them away from food as a snack as the fructose in the fruit can inhibit the digestion of protein, fat, and the more complex carbohydrates.
  • Eat unprocessed as MUCH as you can. As close to nature as you can get! 
  • This is even MORE important to follow if you are trying to get pregnant to prepare for that new, unprotected, and innocent life.   
Day by day you can make the choice of creating a better future for YOU by making the right choices of what you feed your body. 

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