This blog was created as a compliment to the Yasmin and Yaz Survior Forum. A place where women and their loved ones can share their unique stories they had to live through or are currently living thanks to their birth control.

The intention is to educate people out there on the danger with hormonal contraceptive. That the pills can drastically alter a persons life instantly or over time. Since the support is hard to find in the traditional health care today a place like this is vital. It is vital for one major reason: to make sure the suffering of the many, many thousands of women is not for nothing. Hopefully their stories will help someone else, even if it is just one more person.

Not every person have symptoms while taking a synthetic hormonal contraceptive or when they quit. Some develop symptoms much later in life, some transfer their symptoms to their unborn children. We are all different and should be treated as such.

Being educated about your own body is important in order to make the right decision for every situation. We, the women that have been through this hope that our words have touched you in some way...

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