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Getting back on track efter quitting your birthcontrol pill

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  • Did you just put two and two together? 
  • Did you just realize that every little thing related to your diminishing health could be directly related to the contraceptive you are taking? 
  • Are you doubting that it could even be true when no one told you it could happen prior to even starting to take it?
You are not alone! Seriously - there are thousands of women out there who have been there and many more to come.

We are told by the medical society that we are simply emotional or are suffering from anxiety... or that we just need to relax. The blame is on us... all us. And for a long time we believe them, because we don't know what to believe. We find answers to our issues in life situations, family history, or other events... but never do we look at what we put in our bodies every day.

What that every-day pill does to our health is astronomical when you think about that we only have one body and soul. A body that is, in nature, capable to self-healing but with the constant feeding of synthetic hormones and sometimes bad food the body cannot heal but must constantly fight. And slowly by slowly it will loose every battle - until you give it the chance to breath and a chance to do its job. 

Your body will not start to heal until you have taken your last pill.
  • When your body starts to heal you might feel worse that when you were "sick". This is when many start to question if it really was the pill after all, so don't let it trick you. Your body needs to get rid of all that toxins that it has stored and that can be painful.
  • Then you will start to feel better... A feeling of great relief! It might only be a tap better than "feeling horrible", but you start to see the light...  and every day gets better and better, little by little. 
  • Then, as you think you are getting better, you get what many refers to as a "relapse". Something that makes you feel you are back at square one and your sufferings and pain is back... What is this really? A "relapse" is not really you falling back into a previous state of your healing, instead it is your body going into the SECOND layer of healing. If you look at your body as an onion with its multiple layers: The body can only focus on one layer at a time and not until that first layer is peeled off and have been healed your body can move on to the next, which usually (not always) releases a new set of toxins, making you feel "sick" again. - Don't give up - Celebrate! You have just completed the worst phase in your healing cycle!    
  • Then you are back at feeling better... and on it goes with ups and downs as your body's healing process goes through the multiple layers of the onion (your body). So take it for what it is, you cannot heal over a night as it has taken months or maybe years for your body to get to the state it was in before you stopped the damaging synthetic contraceptive. 
Healing One-on-One
If someone would have told me this before I started my healing process I still wouldn't have listened because when we are sick we only care about the small rewards that brings us quick satisfaction instead of looking at the future and the big picture... So if you follow your own way I will not get angry, everyone has to do what they feel is best for them but here are a few bullets of what finally made a difference in my healing. I build this list based on the strong belief that food has the POWER to heal us as well as it has the power to destroy us and I am a living proof of it: 

  • Eat ORGANIC (follow the "Dirty Dozen" if you don't want to buy organic for everything) to avoid added chemicals, toxins, and pesticides that will slow down your healing process
  • Stay away from CORN products if they are not organic - they are 99% genetically modified (GMO) and will therefore contain pesticides like Round-up. Watch the documentary "The World According to Monsanto" on YouTube to better understand this dilemma.   
  • SOY is NOT intended to be eaten by humans! Not in any form.. milk, formula, cheese, tofu, oils etc. Soy produces estrogen in your body and as a recovering birth control user you sure do NOT need any extra of that! (Read your labels - soy is in A LOT of foods for fillers, especially in processed food)  
  • Meat should be from grass fed, hormone free, and antibiotic free cows
  • Fish should be wild caught 
  • Chickens should be organic, antibiotic, and hormone free
  • Stay away from vegetable oils (this includes margarine) except for organic olive oil (but don't heat it up). Instead eat as much as you want of real butter and coconut oil.
  • Have Protein with every meal (even breakfast) like eggs - eat the whole thing not just the whites. 
  • Stay away from SUGAR - research have shown that sugar is linked to lower immune system, increase the risk for cancer, and sugar also makes the mineral balance in your body unstable which results in you not being able to absorb the nutrients from the food you are eating properly. 
  • WHEAT - please find an alternative... if you can't live without bread - eat Esikel sprouted bread; if you can't live without pasta - eat Brown rice or Quinoa Pasta - or my new favorite: Spaghetti Squash!
  • WATER - Drink half of your body weight (lbs) in ounces every day - dehydration can be the cause of many of your symptoms. (150 lbs = 75 oz; 200 lbs = 100oz). Compensate if you drink anything diuretic (sugary beverage, fruit juice, coffee, tea) with 1.5 times of water. (you drink 8 oz of coffee - drink 8x1.5=12oz water)
  • EAT FRUIT FRESH- (don't drink it or dry it) Fresh fruit can do wonders, try to get a few in a day. Eat them away from food as a snack as the fructose in the fruit can inhibit the digestion of protein, fat, and the more complex carbohydrates.
  • Eat unprocessed as MUCH as you can. As close to nature as you can get! 
  • This is even MORE important to follow if you are trying to get pregnant to prepare for that new, unprotected, and innocent life.   
Day by day you can make the choice of creating a better future for YOU by making the right choices of what you feed your body. 

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    1. not sure what you mean.. did you read the post?

  2. Anonymous11/13/2012

    Thinking of going on Anti-depressants as well. Do I have a story! In 2004 felt I was going crazy from Yasmin after about 3-4months(although never got any satisfaction from doctors. and I had some life events that coincided and family history) Agreed to try BeYaz 5/12 because doctor said that it was much improved. I have been told I needed hormones for PCOS. I am a RN and did my research and figured the benefits outweighed the risks. Thinking I could handle it and stop if the anxiety came back. Well it returned with full force! Stopped all hormones and been off for 12 weeks and have been in a tailspin. Yes I am getting that 2nd wind of anxiety and think I want to ride it all out on antidepressants.

    1. Hi,
      Antidepressant are addictive, as I am sure you already know since you are a RN. But for some people it is necessary to get over the worse hump in their recovery. However, for me - anxiety can be dealt with in so many ways then antidepressants. Especially since the antidepressants have their own set of side effects and withdraw effects just like the birth control pill. Have you considered trying Emerita Pro-Gest Progesterone cream to help with your recovery and PCOS?

    2. And off course... I am sorry you are going through this. I did it too and it was a horrible time. You never knew when it was going to hit or how you would handle it. And every time it did hit you felt that the actions and thoughts you were thinking were artificial and not "you"... I feel for you. Stay strong!!!

    3. Anonymous11/15/2012

      Thank you for your response! I have seen the other forum as well. Yes, it was not an easy decision to make. It has been 12 weeks off all birth control which is the first time in over 20 years besides pregnancy. I just couldn't exercise, eat right, meditate, massage, my way out. I don't know how much my family or I could take. The thing I realized is that I have a predisposition to anxiety/depression OCD. I normally eat well, avid gym rat/runner. I truly believe that Yasmin and beyaz tipped that scale, but as my gyn said to me any hormone synthetic or your own might do the same. I am waiting to see how my hormones playout before making a decision on that. I started Effexor XR (yikes I know, but that was what I used before) 2 days now. Hoping to clean my diet up completely when feeling better! Thank you so much for this site and the other it helped me immensely. Sometimes you can feel so alone.

    4. 12 weeks is really a short time to be off, and the worst time of all. The first 16 weeks are HORRIBLE since the body has to work so so hard to get rid of the toxins that your body have been storing all those years. And that process is exhausting, both mentally and physically. I believe you can stay strong through this because you know something better is waiting on the other side. And remember that you are NOT alone in this even if it feels like it. I know you want to be strong and be on the good side when it comes to your family, friends and peers - but sometimes we just need to let ourselves heal the way our body needs. I was a zombie for months when I first got off and yes it effected my family and my social life but I knew I needed to let me body rest from toxins and all that.

      I don't like that your gyno compare natural hormones to synthetic. It is very sad... because the two are so different. Yes, you can still be depressed or have anxiety without being on the pill but still, the comparison is too general. Eating right and doing Epsom salt bath can do wonders for the hormone levels, but sometimes the body needs support beyond that.

      I hope you can get off the Effexor XR soon.. the longer you stay on it the longer your body will have to fight the side effects of those on top of it. But like I said before, some people need it for some time before they can get back on their feet - but don't do it for other people's sake - do it for you.

      You are always welcome to email me at yasmin_yaz@live.com

      Many hugs!

  3. Thank you for sharing your story in such great detail. I'm a survivor too, and am thankful I also found the forum you mention. Without that I don't know what I would have done, because I too thought I was losing my mind.


    1. You are very welcome Michelle. Together we will get through this and come out stronger! xoxo

  4. Anonymous3/07/2013

    I have been on Ocella for the past 10 years, in these past ten years I have experienced many unexplanable things. I started having terrible axiety panic attacks. Palpitations. Terrible headaches. I have had catscan of head and that was fine. I have had stress test and that was fine. The anxiety and panic attacks have become so terrible. I am starting to think it's from the Ocella. I just started experiencing terrible hot flashes, my body temperature is warm much of the time, which drives me crazy. I can tell it's my hormones acting up. I turn 40 in November and am ready to stop this Ocella to see if my life changes, but am scared I have two pills left for the month and I am quitting, but scared.

    1. From my experience and from those I have talked to, your issues are directly related to your Ocella use. I hope you did quit and will never go back on it or any other pill. Your body needs to thrive naturally. Many issues we have while taking the pill are usually "hidden" as in they will never show up on a catscan or a blood test etc. We have to live with them thinking we are going mad. It is ok to be scared, I was too.. but by taking this step you are doing what is best for you and your health in the long run.

      Sending you my best and please visit the Yasmin & Yaz Survivor Forum for support.

    2. Anonymous5/21/2013

      I stopped taking Yasmin in October and everything was fine until I started to break out on my face and back 4 months ltr. I went back on Yasmin for 1 month and stopped due to extreme night sweats and the fact that I was peeing a lot and felt like I had to pee a lot. Since stopping 2 months ago I have put on 10 lbs despite not changing my diet or exercise routines. Has anyone any gone through this?

    3. Hi!
      Yes! It happened to me too. I gained 10-20 lbs in just 2 weeks. I felt completely disgusted. To be honest; this weight gain is a symptom not a cause... the weight gain is the body reacting to something bad in the body. It is storing all the toxins the body was consuming from the pill (and perhaps from other sources as well depending on your diet and environment)... Since you stopped the pill the body is a little confused and is not sure what is going on. So instead of getting rid of it, it is storing it instead.. It happens to many girls once they quit. I recommend that you do two things: Apple cider Vinegar tea and Epsom Salt baths http://yasminandyaz.blogspot.com/2013/05/two-cheap-gems-to-recovery.html It is a GREAT start.

      Hugs, I know what a horrible phase you are going through right now.

    4. Anonymous7/23/2015

      How long did it take for your symptoms to subside after you got off birth control? I'm going on 6 months and my anxiety episodes come and go. I'm starting to believe that maybe just maybe I have actual anxiety :(

  5. I just wanted to say thank you!!! I have spent about 4 hours in the last two days reading posts within the forum which then led me to this page. I have been on some form of hormonal birth control for the last 13 years of my life with Yasmin for the last 3 years. It cleared up my acne. However, for the last 10 years, I have suffered from severe IBS-C and IBS-D symptoms, mild depression, severe anxiety, mood swings, etc. I went to see a functional medicine doctor about 2 weeks ago, and she suggested that I probably have a "leaky gut" which hormonal birth control tends to cause or be a factor in causing it. I am on my last week of Yasmin, then I will be off forever. It is scary especially after reading a lot of horror stories on the forum, but I know after time, everything will work itself out. I'm just sick of having so many food intolerances even after eating paleo. I'm now stuck with SIBO and a fructose malabsorption issue that I will have to fix via healing my digestive system. I asked my doctor about my acne coming back, and she said that should be healed as we go through this process.

    1. Hi Nicole. I am glad you found us! It is a truly remarkable journey we all have to walk from taking our first pill, getting symptoms after symptom, realize the connection, and then working on getting back on track. I wish you well!!!

      The acne will heal up once your body is back to optimal health but it might flair up during the process so just keep the faith and fight the fight! You will get there. Let us know how you are doing :)


  6. Anonymous8/11/2013

    I was on Yaz for 3 months and it completely destroyed my body. In the first month my digestive system went haywire, and I am now very intolerant to many different food groups, ie dairy, wheat, etc. It gave me 3 UTI's in a row, when I had never had one in my life previously. The intestinal flare ups can only be described as severe crohns, however, every doctor I have been to says I don't have it. I am constantly exhausted and feel on edge. It has been almost a year since I have been off Yaz, and the symptoms have slightly lessened, but they still remain. Ive tried every probiotic out there to no avail. I feel so trapped. I have so much regret that I even started taking them, and I wish I could blame someone, something for how awful I still feel. I feel so helpless. I wish Yaz could be blamed for what damage it has done to my body. I feel like I will never be myself again.

    1. Hi dear. I am sorry to hear your story. It is very common what you are going through. I experienced most of what you are saying, even the UTI's 3 times in a row! Digestion is for sure one of the major thing that get's thrown off balance from these pills. Probiotics works for some but not for all. Have you tried a detox or maybe a cleanse? It might help restart the digestion process.

      You will get yourself back, but it is not an easy road to travel on that is for sure.
      Sending you many HUGS!

  7. I just want to start as well by saying thank you for creating this site.
    I’ve just come off YAZ due to what I can only relate to as complete psychotic episodes that would have ruined my marriage. Well it has to a degree but there is some hope knowing that I wasn’t this unreasonable monster that there is a cause and a solution. Its just not ruined beyond repair.
    If not for the last episode I wouldn’t have started to investigate the symptoms of YAZ.
    I can’t believe how personality altering this drug is.
    I suffered not only the psychotic episodes but anxiety and crippling kidney infections. Not to mention constantly paranoia.
    I kept going back to see my Dr. who kept telling me there is nothing wrong with the pill she was using the same one and had none of these effects on her.
    Just kept putting it down to stress.
    So after this particular out of body episode I started to reflect and see when my personality changed and why I can’t seem to be the real me happy in life and carefree. So I turned to my good friend GOOGLE! Found out all the side effects of this particular pill and decided I am never taking it again.
    Well I’ve now been off it for a week. I’ve not yet had a psychotic episode and I hope to never experience them again.
    I am however, still anxious and paranoid and feeling somewhat down and that’s just the emotional side. I am now having these physical symptoms hot flushes, headaches, dizzy and nauseous. Not to mention the night leg spasms and pains in the feet.
    Thank goodness I’ve found this forum now, to see that this is normal. I assumed that once I stopped the pill everything would be ok.
    I no longer feel I am going to die, that there are symptoms that will I will feel while I am coming down off this drug.

    1. Dear Renee,
      This is happening to so many people. It is terrible how a pill can break up or almost break up couples due to the fact that the pill turn us into someone we are not. The body really let's us know when something so toxic as Yaz enters our body, that's probably even an understatement.

      I am so glad you figured it out. And I hope you can start rebuilding your marriage again together with your husband. And please use all the support you can get from the forum. You are not aloe and going through every day efter you stop is no easy dance either. But you have taken the biggest step!

      Many hugs to you!

  8. Anonymous4/10/2014

    Hi my name is Starr, has anyone experienced vision problems or focal seizures while taking Yaz, Yasmin?

    1. Hi Starr,
      Yes, This happened to me too. I actually developed astigmatism thanks to yasmin. And there were many times my vision would get very very blurry which would be very scary, especially when I would be driving. I don't think my eyes will ever be back to normal again (even if I have been off yasmin for 4.5 years when I write this).

      Hugs to you

  9. Anonymous4/25/2014

    I am currently experiencing many symptoms since I stopped taking my pill (Diane-35) 4 months ago. I stopped the pill in Dec 2013 after taking it everyday for the past 5 years (Im 28yrs old). I did not experience any symptoms whilst taking it. When i stopped it i had SEVERE panic attacks to the point where i called an ambulance and was taken to ER. I had a weird head feeling, loss of appetite, hair loss, insomnia, constant nervousness and panic/anxiety attacks. It has been 4 months and I am still experiencing these symptoms, I feel like I'm going crazy! I have seen many doctors who all just tell me to see a psychiatrist or prescribe me anti-anxiety medications. I do not want to take any more chemicals. I have been taking a multi-vitamin once a day, vit D supplements and fish oil, these have helped a little bit but i am still unable to get through the day.

    I am a nursing student and all this occured during my final semester which i had to defer because the symptoms are unbearable.

    I would really appreciate any information and advice you can give me to help me through this difficult time. I have read some stories from other women who say that their symptoms have lasted for years! Im really scared that i will never recover and feel like me again. I just want to feel better so i can continue my studies.

    I have booked an appointment to see a hormone natropath in June.

    Your support will be much appreciated.

    1. Hi..
      Terrible story. I know how hard it is to get through this while you are also trying to focus on getting your life in order. Be strong!!!

      At this point I would not think a multivitamin, a VitD3 and fishoil will do it for you. Your body has been exposed to toxins - chemical toxins for 5 years.

      Make sure you drink 1/2 your body weight in oz of water every day. (150 lbs = 75 oz). Also add some sea salt or Himalaya salt (a pinch in each glass). That will help flush your body. There are many supplements that are good for chemical detox, but I am reluctant to suggest any specific one, since they all work different on different bodies.

      What you are describing though, is exactly what happened to me, even though I felt like that before stopping too. It just got worse after I quit for a long time.

      If you can I would try to look up someone that does Nutrition Response Testing in your area. He or she will be able to pinpoint exactly what your body needs right now to take the next step. I highly recommended it as they are not just focusing on hormones, or whatever the symptoms may be but on your body as a whole. It is what finally did it for me...

      Many many hugs of healing to you

    2. Amanda4/13/2016

      Hello..I just found this blog and can relate most to your post. I have been off the pill now for five months after being on it for about eight years. I have horrible anxiety and panic attacks..so debilitating that sometimes I don't work and don't drive and don't want to be alone. I don't feel myself at all. I was wondering when did it get better you? I hope I don't have many more months to go..I don't know if I can last much longerike this..please reply or email amandahwtt@yahoo. Com

  10. Anonymous5/06/2014

    Thanks so much for your blog. I feel so much better after reading it. I stopped the Yaz from alot of the mentioned side effects. I was only on it for one month and a few days. Since stopping my digestion has been terrible!!! I am so upset by it. Nothing is working. Just started a Colon Cleanse yesterday which seems to have started working. Do you think this will last for much longer? Maybe have to get over my first cycle. Thanks again

    1. Hi.. I am glad you feel comfort reading it. I know it would have done the same to me when I first tried to figure out what was wrong with me. Wow.. only a month! Thankfully you noticed your body's signs to get off quickly. Yeah Yaz really screw up the mineral balance in the colon - which ultimately helps with digestion. I hope the colon cleanse you are doing will do the trick for you!!!

      And the first real period will also help detox your body as having a menstruation is a woman's way of eliminating toxins (we are lucky that way).

      It's hard to say how much longer you will suffer, it is so different for everyone but it sounds like you are on your way! Stay positive and know that you did the right thing, never forget that! In the meantime we are here!

      Sending healing angels your way

  11. Anonymous5/06/2014

    Thank you so much for your kind words, and ver imformative information. You should be very proud of what you are achieving xxx

  12. Anonymous5/18/2014

    I have been off of Ocella since late February. I have been on some type of hormonal birth control for over 20 years other then when I had my children. I had been on Ocella for several years now but not sure exactly how many. I was told to come off them per my neurologist. I am 45 years old and had a vertebral artery disection in January which he thinks may be pill related to some degree. Since I have been off Ocella I have been having terrible anxiety, depression, some dizziness, shaky legs, etc. and just do not feel like myself. I generally have felt unwell. My gynecologist ordered an FSH which says I am not near menopause. I thought I may be in perimenopause and also having pill withdrawal but no doctors seem to want to acknowledge this. Because I am on blood thinners I am wary of taking any natural supplements for right now. Has anyone felt this crazy after going off oral contraceptives? I am thinking since Ocella is high in progesterone I may now not have enough in my body. Any thoughts? I feel like I am going crazy here.

    1. Hi.. Yes. Everything you are going through is absolutely withdrawal effects. So your body has been living off of synthetic hormones for pretty much half your life. It may not even remember how to produce its own. The progesterone that you are talking about is in fact not progesterone but progestin, which is the synthetic version and it may take some time before the body starts to produce its own.

      You probably will not get much response from the medical community regarding these effects. They seem to not believe in them.

      If you are hesitant about taking natural supplements, don't.. Focus on eating a natural diet, drinking water and do any type of exercise that you can handle for the moment. And also rest!

      You can try to use the Pro-Gest Emerita Progesterone cream... it is a natural progesterone and you would use it from day 14-28 (from ovulation to period). Are you having a regular cycle?

      Know that you are not alone.

    2. Anonymous5/21/2014

      Thanks so much for responding, Helena! Yes, this has been a crazy time. I went to a new gynecologist who recommended Progest so I have ordered it. My periods are pretty normal - more than I ever remember over 20 years ago. I was told to keep a mood diary with all of my symptoms. I have symptoms every day! I keep thinking I have some undiagnosed disease. Hard to believe that hormones can do this. I sure wish I would have known, but am glad I am not alone. Hugs!

    3. Yeah.. the symptoms that these pills come with, or/and when you stop is beyond understandable, especially since so many women - even young girls that haven't developed fully yet - take it. It is scary.. wonder what this will do to future generations when you really think about it. Hoping that the cream will give you some ease from your symptoms. Make sure you put the cream on a different spot on your body every day, it improves the chances of absorption properly.


  13. HI,

    I am sitting here with my jaw literally on the floor. Almost in shock.

    I have been on Yasmin for 13 years,and I have taken it continuously with very few breaks.

    I have suffered with severe Endometriosis since I was 19.I had multiple surgeries & associated life threatening complications.I was sent to a Professor of Gynae who put me on Yasmin with no breaks.

    It was great having no periods. But I suffered in other ways.2 years before going on Yasmin I was fortunate enough to of become pregnant in 1999 via frozen embryo transfer and had my son in 2000. But after being on Yasmin I became very despondent, depressed, wondered why I was so unhappy when I had my gorgeous son and loving husband.I was told it was post natal depression,or PTSD.

    So it's continued for years.On and off of anti depressants,to counsellors,hypnotists,exercise plans,healthy eating.But always it was a struggle to smile.I felt so guilty being this person. It was like I didn't know how to have fun any more. There were times of happiness, but usually short lived. I felt so awful emotionally,& so angry sometimes it was scary.It has affected my ability to socialise,I lost confidence, low self esteem, no sex drive, I questioned my existence for years,sometimes having such huge meltdowns I thought I would need to be hospitalised. Such grief,I didn't understand where the old me had gone. My husband suffered to & my son who has seen his Mum so desperately sad I worry how this has affected him. He has even faked illness to be off school when I was very bad, so he could keep an eye on me. It's so sad.

    A few weeks ago I ran out of pills.I thought I'd just see how it goes,it's been so many years since I had proper cycles, maybe it would be ok now? The period came and it was horrendous, but manageable, just. What was amazing though was over the time I was off Yasmin how my spark returned. I felt happy, I had a laugh, people who don't know my history of depression commented on how confident I seemed and 'different'. My husband and son noticed. I was able to appreciate life again, felt happy in my own skin, it was like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders and a feeling of relief. My husband said, it's because you're off those pills.

    Then I went back on Yasmin, I had an event coming up and couldn't risk being ill with a period. Quite quickly the darkness returned. Overwhelming me, swamping my brain with negative feelings and anger and irritability. This morning I was in hysterical floods of tears to the point I was hyperventilating, feeling such feelings of anger, worthlessness, self hatred and loathing, if I could have run away from myself I would.I don't know why it started or why I felt unable to cope with my (quite simple) life, I said to my husband it felt like I was possessed. He reminded me I was on my Yasmin again.

    Then I decided to get on the internet and look for answers and came across your sites. I am sitting here dumbfounded, thinking the last 13 years of my life have been robbed from me by this drug. I am not alone. I am not some psycho head case who is irrational and angry and depressed because of my life. No, it's because of Yasmin. It changed me. I always felt like I didn't know who I was any more. What was the point of me?

    I am astonished that of all the professionals I have seen over the years, being treated with depression that nobody ever said, hey it might be Yasmin. I lost faith in the medical world the last time I almost died (but that's another story), and I bet if I went to the GP or my consultant they would dismiss me.

    Today it stops. Today is the first day being Yasmin free.I may suffer terribly with my periods and associated issues,but I will be looking towards natural ways to boost my health and support my conditions.I cannot let Yasmin steal any more of my life.

    Thank you, thank you for setting up these sites. Just knowing there are others out there like me is so helpful.

    Thank you again

  14. Hi Kathy,
    First off.. I am so happy you found us. I know what you are going through right now.. It is like you see the real world for the first time and you don't know where to turn anymore.

    One thing that you can try for your Endometriosis is Wheat Germ Oil. You can either take it around your period or all the time to begin with. WGO is excellent as scar healing and that is basically what endometriosis is... I have heard many success stories using it, try to find the brand Standard Process - it is one of the best out there!

    I know.. the medical world is in complete denial about the severe side effects of yasmin (and many other drugs) and it is scary. You would think that should be in their interest to know this.. but nope! Not even a little bit.

    Your story is horrible, yet so familiar. We have been there so many of us, no matter why we started taking the pill. The depression is by far one of the hardest part to deal with since it takes so much away from who we really are... I know exactly what you are talking about.

    I am glad you decided to stop and start working on a healthy future. And I do hope that your recovery will be as easy as possible. Focus on drinking water and eating as natural as possible it really does help.

    Sending healing angels your way!

  15. Hello,

    I am so happy I found your forum! I feel like I might have found some answers and am not crazy! I used to think all these "issues" that I think I am having are in my head coz the doctors keep telling me everything is normal with me(hormone levels etc)! I was put on BC due to irregular cycles. I started with Loestrin in 2007 and it worked well for me for a year. I started having extremely heavy and irregular cycles in a year and was switched to a non hormonal IUD which worked like a charm for about 2 years. After 2 years, I started having a cycle lasting almost 3weeks. And that is when I got switched to Yaz (2010). I have been on Yaz and Ocella (2012) since. In Aug 2013, we decided to try to get pregnant and I quit Ocella. I got my cycles like clockwork until Dec 2013 with no unusual symptoms. However, I have not had a single cycle since then - it has been 6 months now! To call me moody is an understatement! I have way more bad days than good days. It really is an effort to get out of bed so many days. I seem to have lost joy ...any joy...and I can't understand why. I wake up weirdly swollen lips and semi swollen face for the past 3wks and have been breaking out all over my face- I had NO acne even as a teenager! I also seem to have lost my sex drive, which does not bode well for trying to start a family. My husband has been so patient with me..not sure I could have done the same. I annoy myself now! I almost asked my do for antidepressants coz I thought I have major mental health issues and need help. I also started to think that I might have fertility issues since I am not even getting my cycle! started to research causes of swollen lips , facial breakouts, no cycle before my doc appt tomm and somehow stumbled on your blog. I am so thankful - I feel like I have some hope.

    1. Hi dear.
      I am sorry to hear your story. My pill quest also lasted me through some heavy bleeding cycles. I was bleeding more than I wasn't!! Thankfully I never had issues after stopping.. but so, so many women do.

      That your hormones are "normal" when you do a blood test does not mean they are "normal" for you at that specific day. Hormones in a woman should change daily depending on her cycle. Obviously with you not having a cycle at the moment makes this measurement kind of pointless - I mean you know something is wrong.

      The pill is known for (from the knowledge I have gained from all of the women of the forum) putting women in a peri-menopausal stage. A stage that you thankfully can get out of!

      Although I am not a doctor at all.. I have seen some good results from either one of the following approaches:

      - Using Pro-Gest Emerita Progesterone cream, or
      - Using Flax seed oil and Evening primrose oil depending on the moon cycle.

      In your situation you can probably do both if you want to.
      Since you do not have a cycle at the moment and if you want to try the cream I would start it on day when there is a full moon (that is when we should ovulate historically). Ovulation stimulates progesterone production (so the body does not release any more eggs) and when there is no pregnancy the body will prepare to release and restart the process.. aka you will hopefully get your period.

      You might have to do this 14 days on and 14 days off cycle for a few months before you get a period or a hint of it.. but it will come.

      You would use progesterone cream and/or Evening Primrose oil from NEW MOON to FULL MOON (as this stimulates progesterone production)
      Then you should use Flaxseed oil from FULL MOON to NEW MOON as this is to help with the estrogen.

      Both and combined methods are natural.. and might be worth for you to try if you want to?? There is a post about the Moon cycle.. http://yasminandyaz.blogspot.com/2013/09/a-28-day-cycle.html

      I truly hope you will get back on your feet. Having a natural cycle is so important for our health both mentally and physically. And I don't think people realize this until they are left without. Your symptoms are so very real!! Don't let anyone tell you differently. Give yourself a HUGE break and take it one day at a time. I know it is not easy at all.

      Make sure you drink HALF your body weight in oz every day (150lbs = 75oz). The water will help your body flush out some of the toxins that are just hanging around.

      Hug dear.
      We are here for you.

  16. Anonymous6/23/2014

    A brief history: I am 24. I am prone to side effects in nearly every medication I have ever taken.
    My first experience with BC pills was TriCyclen Lo at age 18. Approx. 2 hours or so after taking the pill each day, I would find myself crying and screaming at whoever was around me. My mom figured out pretty quickly what was causing my aggressive behavior. Shortly after stopping TriCyclen, I started taking Yaz.
    What scares me the most about Yaz is that I didn't notice anything wrong at all. No difference, regular periods, clear skin, no weight change. I thought for sure this was the pill for me.
    In the first three years on Yaz, the worst side effect I can recall is a feeling of shyness and uncertainty that was distinctly not me. This feeling of detachment bothered me, but I never thought to blame the pill for it. I just thought I was experiencing some growing pains.
    About December 2012, I stopped taking Yaz, and within a few weeks, I was myself again (but still with no idea what had REALLY changed.) I was clearheaded and happy, and during this time I started dating the man I am still with today. I resumed taking Yaz in about July of 2013, and it took several months for the terrible emotional side effects to take hold.
    It started with a vague haziness similar to the first episode. Then the guilt began. I became obsessed with confessing to my boyfriend, my mother, my friends, God, etc., any secrets I had, sins I had committed, lies I had told in the past, etc. All were very forgiving, but it did not alleviate my guilt. The guilt turned into paranoia, that I had missed something from my past that would inevitably come back to haunt me. The paranoia morphed into hypochondria. I became obsessed with googling random symptoms I had and convincing myself that I was ill, and even going to die, because I deserved to. No amount of reason made me feel any less certain of this. I could not explain my sudden lack of emotional control, or my inability to understand ration. I was too depressed to eat or work out or shower most of the time. I had panic attacks any time I was alone. It was terrifying and the conclusion I had come to was that I was possessed. It's scary to admit this, but subconsciously I was already considering suicide as a means of escaping this feeling of hopelessness.
    I do not have a history of mental illness. I have a new respect for anyone battling depression or anxiety in their day to day life. The last few months of my life have been a nightmare. My mom (again) is who figured out that it could be the birth control. This led me to a lengthy and very frightening Google search, which has led me here.
    Maybe I am premature in writing this. I have only been off Yaz for 3 days. I feel slightly better already, but only slightly. Even as I am writing this, I feel afraid and guilty and paranoid that this is not the answer, that my fears and phobias are real and justified. I suppose I'll have to keep fighting this feeling for a while longer until the effects of this nightmarish birth control have worn off. I just want to be myself again, to LIKE myself again. Your website has given me a tremendous amount of hope.

    1. Hi dear.

      Oh my dear.. Yes you have come to the right place - and your mother was again right. You might feel like you have already lost your own mind, but it has been the pill taking over your mind - it is NOT you. I am so glad you found us!!!

      Anxiety is so "common" for women taking BCP. Anxiety and depression are the two most common side effects and I believe they are both acknowledged by the makers of the pill too.. But obviously that does not make it easy for us to prove it.

      Getting off the pill is a struggle for many. Just because your first time quitting yaz was a breeze does not mean that this will be. It can be completely different this time. I don't know why.. So don't beat yourself up if you don't feel much better after the first week, month or whatever off.. It is still the pill that is messing with your mind.

      Keep in contact. We will help you through this and you will get back to being YOU one day.


    2. Kellie1/16/2017

      The sad and beautiful thing is I actually identify with this message so strongly. I wish I wasn't, that none of us have ever been, in this position. To add to every thought that the person said, I have had night sweats and bruising that meant invasive tests for leukaemia and the terror of waiting to have results. Regular fainting and hurting myself, the complete loss of feeling in limbs, while walking leading to my collapse. Chest pains that lead me to a cardiologist. Weight loss that caused my family to stage an anorexia intervention. The embarrassment of losing my hair in places and having to hide it. Chronic low self esteem that has put me in therapy. Anxiety attacks while performing the most mundane of tasks. Calf pains that wake me screaming in the night. This is a living hell. Only now does it make sense. Thank God for that. I am not mad, I am not ill. I am suffering. But I can take back control.

    3. Hi Kellie,
      I am glad you found us. And so very happy you feel that you in fact can take back control. You are so very right about that. And it is obviously something you deserve. I hope you are starting to feel better by the day and take the time you need to get yourself to where you want to be.
      Sending you many hugs,

  17. I typed this big long post but then it didn't post because I wasn't logged into Google. UGH. so here I go again with a shortned version

    After being diagnosed with Melasma on Friday by my dermatologist who said that it was caused by an imbalance in the hormones from not taking my BC (yasmin) for a month then starting it again. So i did some research on the side effects of yasmin and now here I am, crying, with my jaw on the floor, becuase the past 5 years of my life could have been much different if I weren't poisoning my body with this STUPID yellow pill

    I'm almost 24 and started Yasmin when I was almost 17, so basically I've been doing this to myself unknowingly for 8 years. That's a long time. I needed glasses for distance shortly after turning 18. In 2011 I started with left arm pain, numbing, tingling, and weakness. Especially if I didn't get enough sleep. I've done to physical therapy, the chiropractor, accupuncture and massages and nothing would help at all. I've done numerous scans of my should neck and spin as well as my brain to find that my body looks like a 24 year olds body should on the inside. Everyone says there is nothing wrong, nothing wrong, try something else. My family doctor who put me on this is persistent on thinking that I have fibromyalgia and wants to put me on Cymbalta but I ahve been refusing because I think she's crazy. Now I think she's an idiot for doing this to me. I have spent so much money on trying to be healthy but then every night I would poison myself with this yellow pill. I spent a day in the hospital with symptoms like an appendicities, but of course my appendix and all my other organs were perfect and I was sent home with medication to treat a UTI.
    I have anxiety that we have always assumed was because of undergraduate school, grad school, and work. I am so glad I have found people that have gone through all of this as well and I am hoping someone can help answer the following questions.

    Do I need to tell my doctor I have taken myself off the pill and will not go back on another one? Should she have to pay for doing this to me? I'm lucky that nothing has happened to me that's more serious than what has already been done, but I have spent a ton of money on trying to get healthy.

    I am studying (well not today since I can't stop reading about this!) to take an exam to become a Behavior Analyst next month. I am so scared that I will start to go through withdrawal and will be unable to focus for my exam. According to my birth control box I am supposed to start a new package today but I think I'll never touch it again.

    1. Hi Margaret,
      So glad you found us!!
      Your story seems so similar to so many others. Years of feeling OFF yet no one can confirm it because according to their tests "everything is fine". It truly sucks - for a lack of a better word. I am pretty sure you are experience all of this because of yasmin too...

      You don't have any obligations to tell your doctor that you don't want to take it anymore. And to be honest--- they normally don't understand why anyway. They can't prove that it is all linked to the pill and they probably don't even care to.

      I am sorry for replying to your post so late! Did you take your exam?

      Sending you so much support and hoping that you have had a fairly painless recovery.

  18. Anonymous8/03/2014

    My daughter was on Yaz for 6 days and she is having double vision and everything goes white when she stands up. She has been off for 4 days and I am praying this goes away. I am blaming myself for not researching this drug before getting the prescription filled. Anyone else have double vision? How long does it take to go away?

    1. I developed astigmatism from yasmin and had episodes of blurry visions for a long time.. Unfortunately my astigmatism is still here even after 4 years off the pill.. I hope your daughter's double vision WILL go away and that it has done so already.


  19. Anonymous8/23/2014

    Hi. I Was on the pill for about 2 years, and I stopped taking it about 2 months ago. The last 4 months I took yasmin. I experienced several side effects, like mild depression, anxiety, mood-swings, low libido and headaches. Now I feel a lot better, but I still have anxiety attacks and low libido, and therefore I worry that these side effects might be permanent. Is there any risk that these symptoms never go away? How long does it usually take before you feel like yourself again?

    1. Hi dear,

      Your symptoms are very common both on and off the pill. It is hard to say how long it will take you to recover.. everyone is so different but most women say that the first 3-6 months off was the worst. I hope and pray that you are seeing positive changes already.


  20. Anonymous10/02/2014

    Hi Everyone,
    So glad I found this site. I have been taking Yasmin/Oscella for the past 14 years. From the time I was 15 until now (I'm 29) with a few breaks here and there in between. I stopped taking BC in February and haven't expereinced any side effects however, I only got my period twice between Feburary and September (very light and only lasting a few days). On September 20th I got my period this time very heavy and I still have it almost 2 weeks later. I'm not sure if this is normal, that my body is starting it's own cycle or if I should be worried. If anyone has any advice I would appreciate it. Thank you!

    1. Having a cycle that is not regulated yet can off course create some worries.. But I wouldn't right now. Start keeping track of it! What you might have experienced after those two weeks after your heavy period might have been an ovulation bleeding. If it was - YAAAY!!! you are ovulating :) If you were just having two periods on top of each other.. YAAY!! your body is kickstarting something finally!

      Don't be worried yet.. celebrate this one :) It is going in the right direction, I promise.

  21. Anonymous11/06/2014

    Dear readers, I am so happy to have found this site. I am in the same predicament as most women here. Started Yaz five years ago after three years of Diane35, prior to that, Triphasil 21 for 5yrs. Yaz has cleared my skin unbelievably and when I tried to stop taking it, acne was so bad on face and back, hairline and chest. Pustules on back - brown scars still present two years later, even though I am back on Yaz.
    I need to stop this pill. I think it is worse than Diane35 and Triphasil in that coming off has drastic effects on my skin.
    Am thinking of weaning myself off slowly over three months as one woman commented above, or switching back to Diane35 or another pill for 3-6 months, and then stop all together.
    I would be thankful to anyone who might have an opinion on this idea.
    I am not going to stop this pill Yaz ABRUPTLY as it causes much depression and embarrassment due to my skin and effects every moment of my life negatively.
    There is something in this pill that makes it very difficult to stop due to these extreme side effects of acne.
    Many thanks to all.
    Praying for a solution.

    1. Hi dear,

      I know what you mean with the acne.. I experienced that too!!! My hair even became really greasy. What I have learned after the fact is that our skin is considered to be your body's third kidney... meaning if your kidneys are overworked and don't have the capacity to clean stuff out in the rate that it has to, the skin kicks in and start to help out. This usually means that we start to sweat, get acne, rashes, hives, eczema, dry skin, oily skin and/or any other skin related problem.

      The problem isn't really the skin itself, it is the kidneys.. they are so overworked by these pills that once there is a chance (when we stop the pill) they are going to work so hard for you to get healthy as soon as possible that they will push it to your skin to take over.

      It is hard I know. To top it off - the pill in itself is a diuretic and your kidney's and skin need water to flush... It is just so much wrong with these pills that it is hard to write it done in one post...

      But I would suggest you start drinking plenty of water! Half your body weight in oz every day (200lbs = 100oz). This will help. And if you can find something to help clean out your kidneys will help too. I suggest doing this holistically. Nutrition Response Testing is my choice but look around. There are many options available out there.

      As far as weaning yourself off yaz.. that is fine. Some do that. If you can go without having to start something else, that would probably be my course of action since you want the hormones out of your body as soon as you can without going crazy.

      Wishing you the best of luck!

  22. Anonymous1/15/2015

    Hi Ladies. I have read all the posts and I have nothing new to add. We all have pretty much similar stories. It has been 9 months since I am off the pill and I think I am recovered from anxiety and depression 99%. However I am still dealing with acne without a progress. Everyday I am reading blogs and from a by hoping to read a success story with acne. Is there anyone out there got back her face after coming off the pill? And how long did it take for you? Please reply me. I need some hope in my battle with acne/eczema.

    Sorry for the English :) I am not a native speaker.

    1. Hi Love,
      It is not easy... but what I have found is that our skin is like our third kidney, and when stuff surface on our skin it usually means our kidneys are a little overworked. Make sure you drink water... Water intake calculation: your weight in kg / 3 = how many dl water you should drink a day (don't drink more than 3.5L though). You can even add some sea salt to your water to help the detox process.

      Have you seen the detox suggestions http://yasminandyaz.blogspot.com/2013/05/two-cheap-gems-to-recovery.html - both of them stimulate detoxification in the body.. Especially the epsom salt bath. I don't know where you live but if you can't find epsom salt look for magnesium salt - usually foot salt or something similar.

      Apple cider vinegar is also good to use on your skin directly. Put it on a cotton round and lightly dab your trouble areas on your face with it... It is really good at restoring natural pH in your skin.

      Those are stuff I would recommend first. Water, epsom salt baths, and Apple cider vinegar. If that does not work or you do not see improvement within 2-4 weeks I would look for some kidney detox homeopathic stuff.. but I am just guessing on the other hand. Please know I am not a doctor or professional. I am just guessing...

      Good luck and I do know how frustrating all of this really is.. Been there! It took me a while to get rid of it. But it happened finally. HUGS

  23. Jessica4/08/2015

    Hi Helena!,

    First of all I just wanted to say thank you for all of your hard work in helping women. It was a blessing to find this site and realize that I'm not going completely crazy. I experienced a lot of the emotionally challenging side effects of coming off of birth control that have been listed above as well as being extremely tired. However, after reading through the forum I didn't see anyone else list extreme thirst. I am thirsty all the time and I'm currently drinking more than half of my body weight in ounces. I've been drinking like I'm outside playing soccer in 90 degree weather, but I've been inside most of the time and just relaxing. I can't seem to quench my thirst. Has anyone else experienced this?


    1. Hi Jess,
      I am glad you found this.. it is nice to know you are not alone. You being thirsty is not at all a surprise. The pill contain diuretic abilities and is basically draining your body of essential H2O. You didn't say if you are still taking the pills or not.. but it is either because your body is completely dried out or it is because your body is trying to clean out. It sounds like your body cannot even utilize the water that you do drink.

      I would consider adding a pinch of sea salt into your water to help your body bind it, or drink about 8-10 oz of coconut water, which has a lot of electrolytes in it. It will hopefully help.


  24. Anonymous7/26/2015

    Here's my story.. I started on Aubra back in November 2014 due to irregular periods and acne. I was on it for a little over a month and experienced shortness of breath. I stopped taking the BC but convinced myself that it was probably in my head. I decided in February 2015 to give the pill another shot and stick it out for a full 3 months. I soon realized that was not a good idea! I had every symptom you can name! Heart palpitation, anxiety, depression, stomach pains, feelings of fainting, surge of emotions. I went to see the doctor and they told me I have anxiety and anxiety can come randomly anytime in life. I'm also in school and they convinced me the anxiety is probably due to the high stress I was facing in school. They also tried to push medications on me but I refused. But since the feeling came the same time when I started school and birth control I'm not sure what is the cause to my anxiety. I mentioned about the birth control and they thought I was crazy! Sometimes I think it might be a permanent feeling and I may need meds for the anxiety but another part of me believes this is the pill. I have never had anxiety in my life! It is a horrible feeling! It's been almost 6 months and the feeling is still here.. I would like to know how long it took for other women to finally feel like themselves again. I just need some hope. This has taken a toll on me. I have been on birth control before.. a long time ago. I was on the patch and had the depo, I did not experience any symptoms, why would the pill be different?

    1. Hi dear.
      It is hard to say why you reacted different THIS time.. Everyone's body is different and reacts different to stuff even during different time periods of their life. The same is true with recovery. Recovering from the pill takes anywhere from 3 months to years. I hate to think that it will take years but for some of us it did. There are just a lot of toxins stored and some body's aren't as effective as getting rid of it.

      I had never experienced anxiety either and I blamed it on anything I could think of until I figured it out. I think my anxiety was solely contributed by the pill and not circumstances or "random flairs anytime in life". Most medical professionals won't admit or even know that anxiety and depression are two very common side effects of the pill but that certainly doesn't mean it is not true!

      Don't give up on hope. Drink plenty of water and give yourself love! You will get back on track.


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  26. Anonymous8/20/2015

    I am tearing up just writing this post. I stumbled upon this blog this week while researching side effects of yaz. I started yaz when I was 22 now 31 it's been almost a decade, unaware that that the pill was having negative effects on me. At the time of starting I was experiencing severe PMDD. I experienced so many emotions everyday, mostly hopelessness, irritability, suicidal thoughts, almost too emotional to handle. When I started yaz it seemed to good to be true. Literally a miracle! I couldn't even make myself cry if I tried, I became a successful, productive person almost immediately. This feeling lasted for years & I felt like I found a pill designed for me, no more high highs & low lows. During this time my physical health started to deteriorate. I was having chronic reoccurring pain & infections in my urethra and roughly 10 or more kidney infections over the past 10 years. It was a living nightmare. I have seen every best urologist in the country and still no answers. Last year at the mayo clinic they tried to wholistically try to understand what was happening & described my chronic pain was caused from inflammation from depression and anxiety. What?! The pain was real, the infections were happening, this was not in my head. I started taking ambien to get through the nights bc I having to pee 6-8 times per night. I have been on ambien for 7 years straight now. It occurred to me lately that the insomnia & moderate anxiety & depression started when I began yaz as did all of my kidney & urethral pain. I'm not sure if it is a cause, but I'm confused that Drs have never even considered an association.

    Today: I am 3 days off Yaz. This pat year yaz has taken a turn on me. No longer to I have regular "normal" periods. It's spotting all month, painful period symptoms that last 2-3 weeks of the month...then 2 months ago, the anxiety. I have been suffering from severe panic attacks. I have been wearing a heart monitor for a few days & my heart is regularly beating above 100 per minute and this is when I am simply resting. I am very trim and pretty healthy person (my dr told me to get more exercise) I see a trainer 3 times a week. Again what?! The anxiety has become so debilitating that next week I am surrendering myself to a treatment facility for a few weeks to help me through it as I can no longer handle it on my own.
    Im now 3 days of Yaz. I have been vomiting today and sever diarrhea and a horrible headache. My greatest fear from what I am reading is that this will be a long difficult road. I am recently engaged and we are planning our dream wedding for next June. I don't want to loose any and all stability through this planning process & wonderig if I should get back on yaz until after the wedding....? I don't think I could handle these symptoms in combination of onset of acne, weigh fluctuation etc... I know there is no way to tell, but the panic and sheer fear I feel in anticipation is keeping me in bed today.
    I'm also so afraid to start treatment next week only to be told these medications that I am depending on are not the culprit of this mystery anxiety and depression. They will likely want me to go on anti anxiety/depression meds. Is this right or will this help?
    I feel so lonely and so sad. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one going through this. I'm so sad to think yaz robbed me of my past but I'm really struggling with the idea that it could be the cause of ruining what should be he best year of my life. Heartbreaking.

    1. Hey dear. OMG!!
      I am so sorry. This is terrible!!!
      What kind of treatment are you suppose to start?
      I am going to reply more to your post but I am short on time at the moment, just wanted you to know that I read it and I am here.


  27. Raymond Williams10/03/2015

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  28. Hi Helena,

    I have been off Jaz from June 2015. I didnt have any withdrawl symtomes until about 2 months ago.

    I have been experiencing a lot of anxiety and anxiety attacks, at first it was only now and again. But seems like everyday now. Together with that I have been experiencing chest and neck pain, this is certainly caused by the anxiety? Would you recommend me to take anti-depression pills? I have also been experiencing a weird kind of dizziness. Feels like I am floating all the time, and everything feels so bright. How long do you think it will still be like this? Any help will be much appreciated.
    Thanks a mil!

    1. Hi Heather. I am sorry you are going through this... If you should or shouldn't take anti-depressant is up to you, just know that the rumor is that they are highly addictive. I would suggest you look into trying something more natural, maybe: Siberian Ginseng or St Johns Wart. They are pretty good. You can also try EFT. It is a powerful tool to use for panic and anxiety. I made a video about it: http://yenprimesoul.blogspot.com/p/what-is-eft.html

      The dizziness is also linked to the detox... try to drink water and stay hydrated, even try the waters with electrolytes or pure coconut water.

      I truly hope you are on the road to recovery.

  29. Anonymous7/04/2016

    Hi Helena
    Could you please help me as I am really lost. I have come off pill yasmin over last 7 weeks. I tried in past to come off but kept going back. I keep getting mixed messages regarding anxiety and depression which are of main concern to me, Is there any thing I can do help me settle with my depression.? Please reply to help me out as I am really lost and see no hope.

    1. Hi dear.
      I am sorry you feel this.
      Depression and anxiety are two very terrible things to go through no matter who you are and they both trigger each other in ways we feel we can't control.

      I have a few suggestions for you.
      Watch this video: https://www.facebook.com/yenprimesoul/videos/1562266700743475/

      I have an online course about loving yourself. The exercises in it might help you overcome some of your depression. Here is a coupon for $5 off - total $30 for the course https://www.udemy.com/love-yourself-now/?couponCode=30DOLLARS

      If you like reading I would look into the book called "May cause miracles" by Gabby Bernstein

      I also give one-on-one coaching sessions to people like you... if you are interested let me know.

  30. Anonymous10/05/2016

    I have a fear of going off the pill because the reason I went on it in the first place was because of my acne on my chest, back and face. I went off it once before and of course it came back. I have a feeling that following these steps would get rid of my acne but I'm scared to try. Plus the expense. I also find it hard to do because my friends always invite me out for lunch/dinner and I love food. What would be the easiest way to approach this? Thanks :)

    1. Hello dear.
      I am happy you are considering your options here.
      I think the most important question to ask yourself is what your current situation is "costing" you. What symptoms are you experience, how are you feeling, etc... And then put that in perspective.

      Your acne may or may not come back - you simply have to decide to love yourself and your process no matter what happens. Your acne can be dealt with without the pill, that we already know. Ask yourself if it is worth it.

      Getting off the pill and risk getting acne?
      Staying on the pill to prevent having acne?

      I don't know what is more important to you... Obviously I will always vote for the natural way. To me it is not worth taking a dangerous pill for acne. Acne is not worth it to me.

      I had some issues with acne too when I got off. My body was for sure purging all the nastiness out and some of it came out as acne. It is natural to have acne when your body is trying to detox - our skin is like our third kidney.

      Eating healthy helps. Even if you go out you can eat healthy. And if you don't eat healthy - don't beat yourself up. The stress and self-loathing will not help your healing process. Just take care of you to the best of your ability.


  31. Anonymous12/06/2016

    I stopped taking YAZ a month and a half ago.. my hands have been swollen ever since! Just wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them? I've been doing research and it seems the progestin is the culprit for this?

    1. Hi dear.
      The swelling sounds like it is due to your body trying to detox. You just stopped something harmful and your body has now gotten the green-light to remove it. It may fill your body/cells with fluid to try to protect you that way... Drink plenty of water and add a pinch of sea salt in the mix too, to help it drain properly. You may want to do a detox too... it sounds like it would help you. There are plenty available out there. Even hot water with lemon, sitting in the sauna, etc, can help.

      The underlying cause is obviously the pill and what has been in it. It can be the synthetic hormones, the chemicals or fillers... hard to tell right off the bat. But the swollen body parts is a sign of fluid retention and that is a sign that the body is trying to protect you from something harmful. You just need to give it help to remove it.

      Pay attention to if you are swollen in other places as well.
      Sending you lots of healing.

  32. Anonymous1/11/2017

    Please tell me if what I am experiencing is normal. I went off nuvaring at the end of august. Around October all of my hair started to thin out. My scalp itches constantly but I do see new hair growth. I have uncontrollable OCD and panic attacks along with depression. Much similar to what I experienced post partum. When will this leave? It's just getting worse. I haven't eaten in 3 days. Nothing at all.

    1. Dear,
      I'm sorry you are feeling this... but yes this is "normal" craziness we have to endure... the hair thing is explained in the sense that on the pill or in your case the nuvaring - they all put us in a post ovulation state for as long as we are taking it. Since you have been pregnant you have also experience the hair growth that comes while pregnant. That also later falls out once the body starts to produce estrogen again. This is exactly what happens when we stop taking the pill. The pill makes our bodies believe it's pregnant basically so it won't release more eggs, so when we stop taking it it's back to business as usual and all that hair that should have been going through a regular hair cycle (you know.. we loose about 100 strains a day or something like that) we now loose all at once.

      I lost pretty much half my hair and would say I haven't gotten it all back but it's not like hay anymore. It finally has a shine to it again.

      :( for hearing about you not eating. That's terrible. Why haven't you? What is preventing you from eating do you think?

      The depression I had too. The panic too... I wasn't that much OCD but it's all part of it. It makes you finally realize how much these pills really mess up our brains.

      I don't have answers that will heal it right away but there are ways. Trust that you are on the right path. Breathe. Pray. Tell yourself that you love yourself daily despite all of this. Find something that grounds you; for me it's stones and crystals, essential oils, nature...

      I can talk offline if you want.. simply send me a message by the contact me form on the page.
      Sending you hugs.

  33. So glad I got to read this blog. This is my story: I had the mirena inserted in Oct 2012. For the first 3 months it was horrible, like there was an alien in my body. It got better but I started to suffer from ovarian cysts. My gynae put me on Yaz for 3-6 months. This happened often in the four years I had the mirena. I had ovarian cysts burst twice and was very sick because of that. After the last episode of a burst cyst, I decided to have the mirena removed. That was beginning of Dec 2016. My dr recommended that I should stay on the Yaz. I did but January 2017 I thought I was going crazy. I cried all the time, I had horrible anxiety. I stopped the Yaz end of January. And then on the 13th of Feb I was man down. Sick as anything. I had an upset stomach and couldnt get out of bed. Then the nausea started. I couldnt eat anything but apples and thin soup. This went on for 3 weeks. I started to think there is something seriously wrong with me. I also got a painfull feeling somewhere to my rectum/anus. I tried all tipes of suppositeries and ointments. I slowly felt a bit better for 2 weeks and then I was sick again. I had horrible back pain.

    Before I had the mirena taken out, I had pain in my lower back to the left. Also thin stools. After I had the mirena taken out this continued for a while. I went to my dr and he immediately did bloodtest, a rectal check and stool tests. Bloodtests was normal, no blood in stool but definate inflammation in the colon. I am on strong antibiotics for a month. These meds seem to make the nausea worse. I had my period and three days after I stopped, I felt severely depressed and anxious. Also the nausea after I have eaten is horrible. I have a week left of taking the antibiotics.

    I cry all the time because it feels like I am never going to be myself ever again

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. Anonymous5/15/2017

    Hi, I'm currently on Yasmin (and have been for many years). I am thinking of getting off. Going pee a lot during the day & 2-3 times at night. The excessive urination is taking over my life. I also have other symptoms like insomnia and achy back. some moodiness. But I specifically want to hear if others are dealing with the excessive urination - always thirsty and drinking water. When you go off the pill, does it really improve how many times you need to go? desperate, Thanks

    1. Hi,
      The pill in itself is a diuretic, doing everything to drain your body for fluids. So it is no strange thing that you are running to the bathroom frequently. It should stop once you stop and your body has regulated itself to balance and health.


  36. Anonymous10/03/2017

    I am also a Yaz survivor, currently doing my best to recover from the horror show that followed my use of Yaz. This blog has been a life saver for me, especially when I found it nearly two years ago. I felt inspired that Helena shared her experience with us and really felt like she was writing my own memoir when I found it. I thought I was going crazy as my body was so, so out of control and I wasn't sure how much longer I would last. I have been writing my own experience up over the last nineteen, nearly twenty months since stopping yaz. If interested my blog is: https://survivingtheaftermathofyazcontraception.wordpress.com/

    I wanted to share my experience as I feel like if I can help others not feel alone or crazy, then maybe something good can come from my misery. I cannot thank Helena enough as this blog saved me.

    1. Hi, I am so happy you found us! I know how it is when you feel like you are the only one that is going through it all. Thank you for sharing your link! Every bit of more information that is out there is helpful. We need to keep spreading the message. HUGS!

  37. Anonymous10/05/2017

    I have been Yaz free for 19 months now, and it has been hell, worse than hell. At this point I would much rather get my tubes tied then ever. ever try any sort of contraception again. I am around 50% better than I was 19, even 12 months ago but I am still recovering, even though it feels snail pace at times.

    I have been wondering about weight gain, in the first couple of months I put on near 20kg in about 2 months. Thankfully, it stopped there which may have to do with the fact that I completely changed my diet, removing all sugars except for a teaspoon of sugar in teas, I am already coelaic so I eat gluten free, I have cut nearly all processed foods out and eat a good amount of greens, nuts and fruits, red meat and chicken. I drink a ton of water and have lemon water in the mornings (half a lemon in warm water) and exercise for an hour and a half daily no matter how horrible I feel. I have had my thyroid checked as well. I haven't managed to budge even a kilo off the 20kg which upsets me. I find it difficult to feel so awful on the inside and also feel so self-conscious, heavy and uncomfortable on the outside. I have been googling everywhere to try and find if other's have found this and how or when they lost the weight but can't find anything. Is it just time and one day it will finally start coming off or am I going to stuck like this forever?

    1. Hi dear,
      I too experienced major weight gain when I stopped the pill. I literally blew up in a few short weeks. I gained 10 kg in just 2 weeks and it kept adding on as I went on living.

      I believe there are a few different things that contribute to this. Hormone imbalance and toxicity.

      When we stop the pill the body will start to evacuate what is no longer needed which in this case includes A LOT Of toxins and chemicals that are in these pills. The body will then increase the water and fat in essence protect the body so that it can be released. The fat is literally protecting you from the toxins affecting your organs. And the water is protecting your cells.

      It looks like you are eating very well and there are a few ideas that are popping into my head that you might want to try (but I am by no means an expert, so take it for what it is worth).

      1, Actually lower your exercise intensity. Give your body at least 2 days of rest in a week, more if needed. Or at least change the type of activity to low intensity, stretching, walking etc for those days. Rest gives the body a chance to evacuate toxins because it is not in a place of needing to rebuild or repair the body.
      2, Soak in epsom salt baths at least once a week - this will help in detoxification and possible water retention.
      3, Try something that will help pull out the toxins, such as Activated Charcoal or Chlorella.
      4, Bring your mind peace. Allow yourself to love and appreciate your body as you go through this process. Instead of hating the body try to show love and that your body is doing what it was designed to do - to protect you from toxins. And then give it time.
      5, Know that you are not alone and none of this is your fault. I promise you will get your body back!


  38. Anonymous10/05/2017

    Thank you so, so much. I will try all of these. I am so grateful.

  39. Anonymous11/02/2017


    I was just wondering how long it took you to be able to get back into life? 2 years, 3 years? I read that it took you 5 years to fully heal from the damage Yaz caused and I know it is different for everyone. But I was curious about the in-between.

    In March 2018 I will have been Yaz free for two years and I am, while feeling much, much better everyday, I still can't go about my business like a healthy person. It is definitely a lot better and I am healing every day but I was wondering what your timeline was like. My family understandably get frustrated by the slow pace of the healing. They aren't mean or anything, they just want what is best for me and to see me succeed. I suppose the hardest thing about it, about all of this, is that it is relatively unknown and I have so questions, but also understand that it is a day by day thing.

    The last month and a half has been hard as it has felt like I have been thrown backward as it has been very unpleasant like the first couple months after I stopped taking Yaz. I read on your blog post that this is a type of "relapse" which in itself is a good sign that my body is heading into another layer of healing, at least that is what I have been telling myself. I don't spend my day laying around the house, I have my routine and exercise to give me purpose but it is like, this question mark hovering over my head.

    I have been curious when I'll be well enough to build my life back up as it feels like it has been a loooooonnnnggg timmmeee. so I thought I would ask what your timeline was like and whether I am on track or lagging behind on the healing front.

    Thank you for reading this and your possible reply.

    Hope I haven't asked a too personal question!!

  40. Hi Im 47 years old and took Yasmin for 1.5 months. I started taking Yasmin for my acne but I stopped immediately after I woke up one morning with horrible back pain. Its been a week I stopped but the pain is still the same. Now Im on pain killer and muscle relaxer. When will this pain go away? Im actually very scared thinking what did I do to myself.