Here are links to some tips that have worked for many when stopping their pill. The body needs a lot of help and giving it all you can will help you feel like you are getting your body back faster. 

One thing to keep in mind when dealing with recovering from the pill (or other medications to be honest with you) there are not just the hormones that are off balance. Your body has not only been consuming synthetic hormones since the day you started but the pills also have chemicals and metal toxins in them that are contributing to your overall lack of health. Together they are creating a very harsh environment for your body to thrive. Now it is time to learn how to heal yourself!

These tips will work for you no matter if you just made the decision to quit or if you have been off for months or years. A little wholesome holistic approach to your life is never wrong.

Make-it-yourself Detox
This easy to follow Detoxification tips will help your body clean out both toxic chemicals and metals along with stimulating digestion in a healthy manner. It will improve your hormone levels and your thyroid will even get a boost! Click HERE

Eat yourself back to health
When it comes to our health, what you eat play a VITAL role. Increasing number of alignments, symptoms, syndromes and diseases are closely connected to our food choices and the nutritional value of the food that is available. Making conscious decision about what you put into your body will ultimately increase your chances of recovering faster and in a healthier way. The eating suggestions mentioned in this section is based on the belief that nature has what we need. That nature created it the way it is for a reason, that we are not to alter it (for example fat free options or only to eat the egg whites etc. which are not recommended).
Click HERE  

Regulate your cycle naturally
Helping your natural menstrual cycle is an overall wellness process that will make you feel at ease with your own body and it will help you thrive. Here is a natural trick you can try to make sure your hormones are being triggered at the right time of the month. 
Click HERE

 Last updated: September 3, 2013

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