Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Why is the Pill being advertised "for the Woman" - isn't it really for the man?!

Hi everyone.
I know it has been silent here for a while... but that doesn't mean any of the other posts aren't still true. Side effects of taking and quitting any BC pills is still a serious matter and women are suffering every day and night.

I was just asked a few questions by a dear woman who is working on a report and I thought I would share some of it here as I feel it is relevant. Her questions were so innovative, I hadn't thought about it in that angle before... Here goes:

How do you think then pill has gone from being a liberating turning point in women’s history to this damaging life style drug? 

This is a fantastic question and a very good observation! I think my initial reaction is: IGNORANCE. I am pretty sure side effects existed back then too but since it was labelled as the new and fantastic thing – you were not a liberated woman if you didn't take it… and what woman don’t want to be liberated?! Feel like SHE is in CHARGE of her own body. 

When the pill was studied, they could have put the effort into making a male pill but they didn't. They choose to alter the woman’s reproductive functions to save the man’s. Neither would have been right off course, but did it happen because back then the industry was flooded with men? I would like to guess so… No man want to ever temper with his reproductive organs and functions – that is pride right there! 

And can you imagine a man taking the pill when the side effects are: Loss of libido, loss of hair, depression, loss of stamina, muscle deterioration, frequently UTI… LOL… I think not. There was no way the industry back then were going to put themselves and their fellow men in that situation. I have no proof of this, but a girl can guess can’t she?!

With today’s influence of so many streams we can finally speak up and someone will listen. If I look at just my story; for years I believed I was “alone” with my side effects until I found someone else’s story online and I thought she was writing about me… That didn't exist back then, so I can only imagine how many women were suffering back then too but didn't have any support system or even understanding that this could be related. It is still being fought today – most medical professionals I have been in contact with regarding this still do not believe the side effects are so life altering. At least that is not what they communicate.

In essence I think it has always been a damaging life style drug, it just wasn't spoken about as much back then as it is now.. People and women are more aware, even if we have a looooonge way to go still.

Also, the fact there still remains to be a female contraceptive pill that doesn't effect women’s health, do you think women’s health is undervalued? 

In my opinion our complaints haven’t been taken seriously. Especially when we walk in to a doctor’s office looking like we are at the top of the world. 25, skinny, active, attractive, etc etc… The problem isn't the pill in itself but how it is being used and marketed. Just think about it – when do you normally take a pill? When you are sick right!? For women to want to take a pill, they first have to be convinced they are sick… 

And now we are almost living in a society where a monthly menstrual cycle is frowned upon – There is a pill for that! So looking back, all of a sudden fertility was a woman’s fault. It was her responsibility to be infertile to suit the need of her man and their sexual relationship. Being fertile was all of a sudden like being sick! – well guess what, there is pill for that! 

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